Altitude Grid

Reimagining the Smart Grid for a More Sustainable and Resilient Future


We strive to provide high-quality engineering study services and build flexible, interoperable, and scalable data analytics software and grid-edge hardware in the power and energy sector.  We seek to create services, IoT, and AI systems to improve how we use energy to foster sustainability and resilience. 

The complexity of the current smart grid is evolving every day, as the increasing penetrations of large-scale and distributed energy resources, energy storage, electric vehicles, and controllable appliances. 

With the wide adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the energy sector, an avalanche of data is being generated and transmitted to utilities and Independent System Operators (ISOs). Customers also may exchange data via a peer-to-peer network. In a world where "Data is Asset", we need to turn data into actionable insights to really treat it as such. 

Led by experienced power systems subject matter experts, data scientists, and software architects, Altitude Grid provides services and solutions with a combination of both deep domain knowledge of traditional model-based analysis and novel data-driven Artificial Intelligent (AI) analytics to tackle the challenges of the new era to foster a more sustainable and resilient future.